PET Conductive Plastic Sheet/Roll

It is mainly applied to the packaging of electronics.It basically is not influenced by temperature and relative humidity. It is laminated by nano-sized & base materials and its surface is super clear. It is applied to the packaging of LCD with high cleanliness.
Conductive: electro-static discharge.
Resistance value range can from 10E4-10E6

We have two kinds of PET conductive plastic sheet, one is online coated PET, the other one is off-line coated plastic sheet.Off line type of material used nanometer type ink so won’t tell any different between normal PET with PET conductive transparent,

PET is now is a very popular plastic material replacing traditional plastic materials since its harder and environmental properties, also price is lower than normally materials.

Batfy PET conductive plastic sheet has very competitive price and stable quality for using, we can guarantee to maintain high quality whenever you have order from us. At the mean time, We also have multiple service offices around the world to back with after sales services

we can assure if any quality problem occurred , we will be responsible and do seriously after sales service.

Specification PET
Color Black,transparent,brown,green,matte black color
Resistance 103 ~ 105 (Ω)
Width 100 ~ 2000 (mm)
Thickness 0.05 ~ 1.8 (mm)
Density 1.34 (g/cm3)

Character:it is mainly applied to the high cleanliness packaging of electronics.

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