PP Transparent Plastic Sheet/Roll

It is mainly applied to the packaging for food.
PP sheet has the advantage of softer than other kind of materials, and can endure temperature from -30℃ to 125℃.also can see clearly what is inside.
PP transparent plastic sheet is now extensively applying to amount of famous food packaging products such as chocolate tray, frozen dumplings tray , water cup and so on.Our material can meet CE standard in Europe.

Batfy PP transparent plastic sheet has very competitive price and stable quality for using, we can guarantee to maintain high quality whenever you have order from us. At the mean time, We also have multiple service offices around the world to back up with after sales services

we can assure if any quality problem occurred , we will be responsible and do seriously after sales service.

Specification PP
Color transparent
Width 100 ~ 2000 (mm)
Thickness 0.1 ~ 3.0 (mm)
Specific products Corona printing PP , Anti-fog PP,Transparent PP

Character:it is mainly applied to the packaging for food.

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